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Misery. Nuff said.

Commission jobs may not be scams, but I guess I'll be homeless, because I don't think they're trust-worthy. I believe in getting paid a wage or salary, and that's just the way my world of work has always been.
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50+ chapters into Hoshi wa Utau and I still am pretty clueless about what's going on. I think part of it is that I keep comparing it to Fruits Basket, and part of it is that in a way I don't find the plot all that interesting, but I'm loyal to Takaya. I keep reading even though as soon as I start a chapter, I glance through the pages so that I can hurry to the end and feel relief that the last page has been clicked on.
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Put ♥ this ♥ on ♥ your ♥LJ ♥ if ♥ you ♥ know ♥ someone ♥ who ♥ has ♥ or ♥ had ♥ cancer! ♥ All I wish for in 2010 is a CURE! ♥ I pray for the cure of cancer. ♥ 93% WON'T Copy and Paste this, will YOU 4 just one hour?
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It's free, thanks to Haruka for the code.

Not that anyone cares, but this is mainly to join more comms and read fics that may not be on LJ or IJ.
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*Does Happy Dance*

I am so finished with both assignments. I BSed through my English paper, and I don't even care as long as I pass. If I make a C I will be so happy!!

...I wanna go to Momo Con in Atlanta. It's a couple days after my birthday, but my schedule is that I work every Saturday night, and the con is on Saturday and Sunday. I think I could get the girl that works opposite me to switch days, but my parents are probably going to want to see me that weekend to give me Birthday gifts. I wish I had went to Awa-con now. I know, I'm greedy, considering I went to East Meets South in December. The only things I want are things I could just order off the net, or head to Birmingham to buy at an international store.

Then again, maybe I should just wait until May and go to the one in Huntsville, or go to one over the summer.

28 days until my BIRTHDAY! I'm trying to figure out when I'm gonna have time to get drunk.... I guess it depends on if students have to leave the dorms for Spring Break or not.
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A little over 200 words to go in the 900-1100 word essay. I will be happy with a C, I swear.
One article and review to go.

Skipped classes. I can't wait to be through with these classes. I seriously will never take this professor again. He sucks.
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I'm in the mood to watch Harry Potter. I probably will this weekend, after I work on my French and catch up on my Shakespeare reading.
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I'm not one for begging... but PLEASE HELP ME. Someone on the Friends List has got to have this, Peacemaker Kurogane subbed by AonE. Amazingly I was able to find 1 and 2 on the net, and I actually have 3 through Newtype, so I need 4-12.

If anyone remembers, I Did buy the set, but to start with:
1. Chinese knockoff
2. DVDs don't actually work, and seller won't refund money.

So PLEASE HELP ME. I'm losing sleep over this.

No more lost sleep for me! A member of anime_downloads gave me a link to working MU links for the whole series. Better believe I'm gonna my money back, and still get the episodes. BOOYAH ♥ !

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Following in the steps of another LJer, my body has decided to rebel against it's master, the mind.

Dear body,

Your brain hates you. Giving it pounding headaches does not endear you. You should not need sleep, because the world of Harry Potter fanfic may well disappear before you wake up again. And I will be very depressed if I die before reading all that I can. Did it mention it hates you?

With loathing,


Read: Mania

Feb. 4th, 2007 01:22 am
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1. I'm going to try to read Death Note again. I've been following 2 of the characters on BNF, and they sound pretty interesting, so I'll try not to get irritated, and download the volumes, rather than read them online.

2. I've also been putting off looking for Kazuya Minekura's Wild Adapter manga, but I saw it in Newtype this month, so I'm looking for that.

3. I finally finished the Loveless anime, so I'm going to hunt down the manga and compare them. Maybe I'll be able to understand what's going on, too.

4. GetBackers is ♥ and one day, when I have money, I will finish my collection... 'cause volumes 1-8, and 16 just ain't cutting it in the Ginji, Ban, Himiko, and Akabane ♥ department. I may finish watching the anime this month.
And in RL: I HATE Shakespeare. Just in case no one knew that. I DON'T want to read Richard the II or Henry the IV, or any of his other boring and ridiculous plays. I hate Major requirements. I also hate writing papers.

I'm also getting ready to do my very own income taxes... and maybe nothing will happen this year *car wreck*, and I'll actually get that money. I'm praying really hard, because I need the money.

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The month of January flew or crawled, depending on whether I was in class or not.

I've been drifting out of the PoT, FFVII, and Bleach fandoms, because I don't think I've SEEN but one or two of the pairings that I read in the past two weeks. I'm not saying they weren't there, I just didn't see them. Harry Potter is much more fun. There are so many different type fics out there. Having worked through some H/D Dom/sub fics, and currently working on the vampire fics, I have to say that this is probably the most diverse fandom I've entered. There are quite a few veela, elf, and vampire fics, and I hope that it'll be months before I have to start on a rec list again.
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I'm actually not upset, although my post may seem to differ. I just like to emphasize what I feel are the important points. 
BTW, I got my car back finally. It's still NOT fixed, but I'm so happy not to have to walk, with as cold as it's been, that I'm totally not complaining. Just saying.
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I've been procrastinating on starting my lit. criticism on Shakespeare and doing any homework except the little bit of French that my class gets. Why? One word. Aion. Oh man, I wish I had been in Rosette's shoes... at least til the end. 

And yeah, 1 1/2 hours of sleep after being up all night, and then attending 3 hours worth of lit. classes = zombie, and a 1/5 on the quiz. This semester really isn't looking good, at least for the lit classes. Why am I an English major again?
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My utter slowness will get me killed one of these days. I've been whining about not being able to find Heat Guy J or Peacemaker Kurogane, and I finally thought of checking today. I just brought the PMK complete collection for less than $25. I am shedding tears of joys.

And the Heat Guy J complete set comes out the end of this month. I'm gonna wait a little while, and see if I can't snap up the DVDs for a few bucks a piece, since I already have two of them, but if not, will be new friend. I guess I can take the time to hunt down Infinite Ryvius and a few others that I've been looking for.

Edit: I went back and brought the HGJ 1complete set... this one was only ~$20, and that'll be cheaper than buying the individuals.

Now if only I knew how to use my DVD burner...
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All the same, thanks to all involved for making this week interesting! (You know who you are) It's a wonderful distraction from all the Real Life stuff I'm going through.

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Finally got Bleach 109 downloaded. Shinji shows up at the end of it. It's Arrancar Arc finally next episode, whee! I don't know what else to say.

KEFI finally released more Reborn chapters after two months of nothing. I had already seen the raws, but being able to better understand what they were saying was wonderful. Fuuta's so cute, and I love his whole 'Ranking' thing. I want more Hibari though. Just saying.

Avoiding the last of my homework while I prepare to go back to work after a 3 week vacation. Eating sugar cookies like there's no tomorrow, 'cause sugar and caffeine don't affect me. I'm amazing like that.

And jumping back to fandom, I need more good Reno fics to read. I'm actively hunting Reno/Elena, but not too many people write that, so I guess I'll stick with Reno/Cloud, or Reno fics pregame, especially ones with Zack interaction.

I'm gonna eat my cheese bread from Domino's now :D

I Weep

Jan. 6th, 2007 02:12 pm
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My baby looks like a two-tone disaster from a B-Grade movie. I'm so sad. Going to find some smut to make feel better... or read 'Warcraft', 'A Strange Fellowship', and 'Blood Fetish' til I feel better.
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I have been in ANOTHER accident. I am seriously wondering if someone is out to get me. 

This time I was rear-ended while waiting to turn left. I was hit by a Jeep Cherokee driven by people with NO INSURANCE. My brothers were in the car with me, but we weren't hurt, just shaken. I've gotta get pictures tomorrow when I go down to the place we left it.

I have now been in nearly every car accident possible. Head-on collision, Rear-ended, Side-impact. The only ones I haven't experienced are side-swiping and being flipped/rolled over.

Anybody wanna write me fic to feel better? Or send me a cool icon because I'm still lacking in that department?

Hope you're having a better holiday than me.
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Going home in a little bit. Will be back on January 2, barring any unfortunate accidents, etc.

I love Bleach's ED, 'Baby It's You'. Now that the full mp3 is out, I'm listening to it. On Repeat. LOL 
I like 'Rolling Star' too, but 'Baby It's You' makes me wanna cry for some reason.

Anyways, Happy Holidays to everyone! Be safe and Have Fun!

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Going home Saturday morning, for 2 weeks. Not happy. This is the first year I've not had to work over the break, had internet, and have not lived in continuous housing. I've definitely got to try to get in next year, so that I can laze around on break and not have to be at home. I never realized how much of a hassle it is to have to clean up and turn in a key... the cleaning and packing. The only good thing is that I'm not like some people who feel they need to pack EVERYTHING to go home because they're 'scared of their stuff getting stolen'. What do they think, the RAs are gonna steal their stuff after they leave? In any case I don't worry because:
1. No roommate
2. Nothing expensive in the room, except my books and DVDs, which no one wants but me, and my printer (which wasn't all that much).

I'm debating if I really want to take some of my mangas home... I definitely have a lot of anime to catch up on (fansubs and purchased), so I'm wondering if I'm really gonna have time to read. Plus, I have a whole other collection of manga at home to read, in addition to regular books that I have.

I hate packing and cleaning. Just wanted to say that again.

...And I started watching the PoT OVAs. Is there really only going to be 13 episodes? notthatimactuallyexpectingananswer
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Finals )

Just got finished with the Prince of Tennis movie. My reaction to Ryoga v. Ryoma was patent disbelief. I'm glad that I finished the series before watching this though. Now I just need to watch the National Championship.

And I so wanna see the Bleach movie, or whatever those previews were in the OP and ED of Bleach 106. It looked awesome. I just can't seem to find it unfortunately. Anyone know if there's a torrent/link for it?

...And I finished the Ikki Tousen series. I'm kinda hoping for a second season, and I definitely need to complete my manga collection. And do some reading on the Three Kingdoms era. It sounds really interesting.
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Only French and English remain. I DO need to hurry up and finish my French workbook and lab pages, 'cause they're due Monday. And I still have to finish 'Twelfth Night' 'Rape of the Lock' and 'Elegy Written in A Church Courtyard'... and go back and review all the other crap/poems I didn't read the second half of this semester.

XD Some girl messaged me on Facebook about the note I wrote last week. I deleted it without replying. Stupid questions don't even get graced with a stupid reply. I don't waste my energy on childish drama.
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So I'm through the Senbatsu episodes, and have just finished th one where Ryoma is told the rest of the announcement.

This is all mixed up, as I'm just writing stuff as it comes to my head:
Random Fangirling Ahead about various episodes )

I can't wait 'til I go home and take pics of all the stuff I brought from the convention. It's all so adorable! My FFVII pillow, Bleach pillow, my Gundam Wing and Tsubasa posters, my Tsubasa and GetBackers playing cards, and all my Prince of Tennis merchandise. I LOVE HAVING MONEY. Especially to spend on anime stuff.

And Boo~, finals start tomorrow. Another week and a half, and I will be essentially disappearing until after the first, because I'm going back home and having to deal with dial-up.
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I'm dying. Like put in a casket, bury me dying. My throat and head have teamed up to put me in the grave. Let's see if I wake up.