Dec. 2nd, 2006

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I'm finally downloading and watching Prince of Tennis now that someone has converted and posted the episodes in RealPlayer format. I started with 13 the day before yesterday, and am now currently watching 54.

*IMO, Ryoma isn't as snarky/arrogant/brattish as he's made out to be in the manga and in fanfics. He's totally glompable either way, but I like the way he's portrayed in the anime.

*Just saw Sanada... he looked better in the manga, sorry.

*The anime has a lot of funny moments, or maybe not so funny but still amusing to me. Maybe I'm a sadist like Fuji lol.

*I fell in love with Thrill Pair all over again. OMG that was a great match.

Me and Dom are heading to East Meets South in the morning. Hoping to grab a couple of plushies, some wall scrolls, maybe a messenger bag. I'm also hoping for the chance to play the PS3, but if not, there's always next year. Yeah for the end of the semester! I only have 2 tests to worry about, French and English Lit, because my Political Science test is online, open-book, and multiple choice! YAH-HOI~
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I'm dying. Like put in a casket, bury me dying. My throat and head have teamed up to put me in the grave. Let's see if I wake up.


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