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So I'm through the Senbatsu episodes, and have just finished th one where Ryoma is told the rest of the announcement.

This is all mixed up, as I'm just writing stuff as it comes to my head:
*OMG Kajimoto is hawt. Why doesn't he have fangirls!

*My first reaction to Kevin: OMGWTFBBQ I totally knew who he was as soon as I saw his hair color. BTW, he's cute.

*I wished the episodes hadn't been mostly about Ryoma's group. I would've liked to see a little more of the others.

*Whoever the dude is who's with Kevin, he looks like Oishi w/ a cowboy hat.

*I'm glad they didn't have the whole Sanada slapping the mess out of his teammates, but I think it was a little extreme for Tezuka to do that.

*I can visualize better when I read stuff like Changechildren, now that I've seen what everybody looks like and how they act (like Kajimoto, Sakaki, the Tanaka twins, etc). Manga is good, but the anime is awesome.

*I repeat my stance that Ryoma is not arrogant in the anime. Confidence in skill is not arrogance, and he seems very respectful and tolerant, considering what all he goes through (getting glomped by Eiji and Momo constantly, and pinched, and slapped, Dealing With Akutsu, etc). If I was him, I would've snapped a long time ago.

*Now that I've seen Akaya and Akira together, I'm definitely going to read [ profile] miko_no_da's 'Facing Your Demons' again.

*I am now even more of a Akaya fangirl. I wanna see more Akaya-centric fics. -_-

*I'm still not a Golden Pair fan, but I believe I will be more liable to read good!fic about them in the future.

*Maybe when I get all the episodes, I can do fangirling over every episode. I'm still missing.... 103 & 104 in .rvmb, so I'm sad that I can't hurry up and burn this stuff onto a disc.

*I have to fangirl over the Tanaka twins, Kajimoto, Akaya, Ryoma, Eiji, Kevin, Wakato, Oshitari, Gakuto, Choutarou, and the Kisarazu twins. (I know I missed first and last names, I used whatever I'm more comfortable calling them) They're all so cute in different ways!

*I take back what I said about Sanada. He does look decent in the anime, and Tezuka looks good too. They don't look like Jr. High students, but they don't look like WAY older people in the anime either, like they do in the manga.

I can't wait 'til I go home and take pics of all the stuff I brought from the convention. It's all so adorable! My FFVII pillow, Bleach pillow, my Gundam Wing and Tsubasa posters, my Tsubasa and GetBackers playing cards, and all my Prince of Tennis merchandise. I LOVE HAVING MONEY. Especially to spend on anime stuff.

And Boo~, finals start tomorrow. Another week and a half, and I will be essentially disappearing until after the first, because I'm going back home and having to deal with dial-up.
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