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Finished for the semester as of yesterday. Did decent on my French final and probably got an A for the semester, but I so bombed the Lit final. I didn't study the terms and readings nearly as well as I thought, but I hoping for a B or C on the final. Mom was like, 'All we expect is for you to do your best'... blah blah. I know good and well if I make a C in a class of my MAJOR she's gonna kick MAJOR ass, namely mine. Oh well. It's over and done with, no need of stressing at this point.

Just got finished with the Prince of Tennis movie. My reaction to Ryoga v. Ryoma was patent disbelief. I'm glad that I finished the series before watching this though. Now I just need to watch the National Championship.

And I so wanna see the Bleach movie, or whatever those previews were in the OP and ED of Bleach 106. It looked awesome. I just can't seem to find it unfortunately. Anyone know if there's a torrent/link for it?

...And I finished the Ikki Tousen series. I'm kinda hoping for a second season, and I definitely need to complete my manga collection. And do some reading on the Three Kingdoms era. It sounds really interesting.


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