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Going home Saturday morning, for 2 weeks. Not happy. This is the first year I've not had to work over the break, had internet, and have not lived in continuous housing. I've definitely got to try to get in next year, so that I can laze around on break and not have to be at home. I never realized how much of a hassle it is to have to clean up and turn in a key... the cleaning and packing. The only good thing is that I'm not like some people who feel they need to pack EVERYTHING to go home because they're 'scared of their stuff getting stolen'. What do they think, the RAs are gonna steal their stuff after they leave? In any case I don't worry because:
1. No roommate
2. Nothing expensive in the room, except my books and DVDs, which no one wants but me, and my printer (which wasn't all that much).

I'm debating if I really want to take some of my mangas home... I definitely have a lot of anime to catch up on (fansubs and purchased), so I'm wondering if I'm really gonna have time to read. Plus, I have a whole other collection of manga at home to read, in addition to regular books that I have.

I hate packing and cleaning. Just wanted to say that again.

...And I started watching the PoT OVAs. Is there really only going to be 13 episodes? notthatimactuallyexpectingananswer
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