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I've been procrastinating on starting my lit. criticism on Shakespeare and doing any homework except the little bit of French that my class gets. Why? One word. Aion. Oh man, I wish I had been in Rosette's shoes... at least til the end. 

But at least she was with Chrno. I cried. The clock and sunset was so heartbreaking, and when Chrno and Rosette were found, and what Azmaria saw: even thinking about it now, it still brings tears to my eyes.

But to go on:
There was so much action! The fights, Joshua and Fi (and the aftermath), the Sinners, the Apostles, Satella... this was an amazing series. Why is it that Japan can make Catholicism look so good? And I knew there was something weird about Remington...  but the truth came out of left field. I felt the most for Satella, because after what she went through, I couldn't imagine being able to go on and  be so well-adjusted. I'm just glad she was able to put her sister's memory to rest.

First Trinity Blood, and now Chrno Crusade. If I had any belief that it could be real, I'd convert. (And yeah, I know Chrno came out before TB, but I watched TB first.) And I can't believe I'm saying this, after all the bitching I did about 'Paradise Lost', but I'm kinda glad we studied it in class, or I wouldn't have had a clue about Pandemonium or the whole Fallen Angel thing.
And yeah, 1 1/2 hours of sleep after being up all night, and then attending 3 hours worth of lit. classes = zombie, and a 1/5 on the quiz. This semester really isn't looking good, at least for the lit classes. Why am I an English major again?


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