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First, total fangirling for Daisuke and Clair, the nuttiest guys I've ever seen in an anime... and this is coming from someone who has seen a pretty decent selection of animes. And OMG, I think they're both HOT. Laid-back attitudes, clothes that work a body to a full advantage, the color blue, and fighting skills. Roll them into one and send them my way, please. And Boma (he can defend me anyday... but the philosophy has got to go!)... and Ian and Mitchal (poor guys)... and Kia, who comes back. I am so glad to have this whole series. It was worth the 3-year wait.

And now, onto my other anime. I should actually be getting ready to squee over the fact that I'm watching Peacemaker Kurogane, except for the fact that... it's CHINESE. I have nothing against the language... in fact, I think most languages that are NOT English, and especially the Asiatic languages, are absolutely beautiful to listen to. It's why 95% of the time I'm listening to J-Pop/anime mp3s vs. American music.

Back to my anti-squee. When I purchased the set, it clearly said on the sale page that it was Dual Audio English-Japanese. JAPANESE. JAPANESE, not CHINESE. I don't care so much that it IS Chinese, but that what I received was not what I purchased. Trying to foist off an incorrect version when something else is stated is FALSE ADVERTISING. 

I'm actually not upset, although my post may seem to differ. I just like to emphasize what I feel are the important points. 
BTW, I got my car back finally. It's still NOT fixed, but I'm so happy not to have to walk, with as cold as it's been, that I'm totally not complaining. Just saying.
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