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I'm about 60% finished with the Shakespeare assignment. I'm reading the book, and writing my review as I go along. After that, all I have to do is the thesis statement and read the mini-article and review on that.

I've only got about 175/900-1000 on my William Blake assignment. I hope when I write the introduction that takes up about 200-50 words, and the same with the conclusion, so that I actually don't have to write much in the middle, only answer the questions. I'm going to work on that at the job tonight.

I made a 95 on the French test.... I nearly passed out when I saw the grade. I was totally expecting a 60/70, and this gives me hope that because it is a written test that he is being more lenient than if we using scantrons.

In anime, I've downloaded a little over half of the episodes and watched almost all of PMK. The only ones I haven't seen are 23 (currently dl) and 24. After I finish these, I'm jumping back to The Wallflower. I also managed to finish the GetBackers anime. That only leaves me to buy v9 and up (-v16), and then I'll move on to the other incomplete animes in my collection.

Also, I now know how to burn DVDs. Actually I already knew and didn't actually know that I knew. I'm a very confusing individual.

I'm in the mood to watch Harry Potter. I probably will this weekend, after I work on my French and catch up on my Shakespeare reading.


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