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I'm finally downloading and watching Prince of Tennis now that someone has converted and posted the episodes in RealPlayer format. I started with 13 the day before yesterday, and am now currently watching 54.

*IMO, Ryoma isn't as snarky/arrogant/brattish as he's made out to be in the manga and in fanfics. He's totally glompable either way, but I like the way he's portrayed in the anime.

*Just saw Sanada... he looked better in the manga, sorry.

*The anime has a lot of funny moments, or maybe not so funny but still amusing to me. Maybe I'm a sadist like Fuji lol.

*I fell in love with Thrill Pair all over again. OMG that was a great match.

Me and Dom are heading to East Meets South in the morning. Hoping to grab a couple of plushies, some wall scrolls, maybe a messenger bag. I'm also hoping for the chance to play the PS3, but if not, there's always next year. Yeah for the end of the semester! I only have 2 tests to worry about, French and English Lit, because my Political Science test is online, open-book, and multiple choice! YAH-HOI~
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I decided not to do the Christmas meme thing, because the stuff I want, I will eventually find on sale, and plus I don't think many people on my F-list play Game Boys. I don't celebrate Christmas, so I'm like, whatever.

I do have one thing to give/trade if somebody wants it. I wound up with an extra copy of GetBackers volume 7, because the merchant I brought it from sent me the wrong one. I already have 7, so if anyone wants it, or has a manga that they might want to trade for it, let me know. If I keep it, all it's gonna do is sit on a bookcase gathering dust... which is what the rest of my mangas do now anyways. XP
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My posts wasn't autosaved. I hate LJ.

I renewed my subscription with Newtype after talking to that nice girl Marisa, who also helped me when I was having problems receiving my issues about a year and a half ago, my housing is paid for next semester, I donated to Gaia, brought Shaman King Legacy of the Spirits: Soaring Hawk (I still want the Wolf version) and DBZ: Budokai 2 for the PS2 (which will be returned), and DVD+Rs for $8 at OfficeMax, and my bank account is weeping. It will cry even more when this weekend comes, because I'm going to East Meets South on Saturday. I'm so glad to be getting paid next week, and glad that I rarely buy stuff. Because my wallet would be so empty.

New Animes

Nov. 26th, 2006 02:25 am
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I finally got around to downloading Reborn and some of Gintama, and am torrenting the rest of Gintama 'cause I'm not a huge fan of BakaNeko's subs.

My reaction:
adjfo;wer ioejrfl;dfkjowa;ejrio;afjl;djf;oaeijrioweajowe


FUNNY! Especially Reborn! I'm watching Gintama 1 & 2 right now, and I've already nearly fell out of my chair once. These are the funniest animes that I've seen this semester. THANK YOU SHONEN JUMP.


Nov. 22nd, 2006 11:30 pm
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First off, to all my friends: Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone who is travelling has already started on their way and makes it to their destination safely!

Second, I am eagerly anticipating the end of the semester. When I go home, there will be 2 and a half weeks of pure, unadulterated laziness. I probably won't be on the net but like a couple times a week, because my parents live in the boonies and only have dial-up... so I will using this time to catch up on all my anime that I've burned but not watched.

Third, I'm bored. I'm at work on this wonderfully cold night and will be going home tomorrow, but will be back at school Friday to work some more ^^; I have no life, yeah for work... boo for homework (all classes)...

Now I'm rambling, so I'm gone... but I'm on Y! Messenger finally, if anyone wants to add me... my id is duo_chibideathscythe, and I just ask that anyone who sends a request add that you know me from LJ... I've been getting weird ppl asking to add me since I got on...


Nov. 20th, 2006 11:11 pm
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My download window looks weird. The folder that the data is supposed to travel to is turned sideways. It's freaky.
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She's moving. And I am praise of the highest God. I went down to talk to the Resident Life Coordinator, and she was like, they couldn't move anyone before December... but when the roommate came in and I asked her, she was like, I'm moving to the 1st floor.

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Which Trinity Blood Character Are You? [Nice Pics]

Esther Blanchett
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Just about all untranslated doujins are gone. I tossed them, because they really weren't that interesting, and they were taking up way too much space. I also deleted Bible Black, 'cause in addition to the subs not being English, it was kind of boring. Akiba Girls and Immoral Sisters are also gone...

I feel old. I have very little interest in the PoT or KKM fandom anymore, but I think that's because most of the fics coming out suck. I'm following the few authors that I found good, but for the most part, the comm posts on my F-List are mostly trash, imo.

...And I think a lot of my favorite authors/stories have disappeared into the woodwork... so I'm having to find new ones. Boo.
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I finally got around to watching the rest of Trinity Blood. I watched the first 9 episodes back in August/September, then I got distracted by the shiny that is fandom. I finished it just a few minutes ago, and I'm like What the Hell? I know the novels aren't finished because the author passed away, but what the hell? What kind of ending is that? And what was up with that ending? I got lost when Abel and Ion met. Where the hell are they? I guess I'm gonna have to do some research.

What the hell. I'm still not really understanding.
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Did my Good Samaritan deed of the month, and kept my promise to upload Trinity Blood 19 for someone who asked.

This weather is making me bitchier than usual... and woot! Almost the end of the semester. I am not looking forward to my English final, 'cause I have done very little of the assigned reading since midterms. I think I read most of the required short poems, but I only read about 500 lines total of John Milton's Paradise Lost, and I still have to read Shakespeare's Twelfth Night before Monday after next I guess. As far as French, our third test is our final, yeah. I don't see how I'm making an A in the class when I can't understand the language. I'm dead serious.
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It amazes me how uppity people can get. Yeah, it's nice that you're providing links to anime/manga/porn for people's convenience (sp?), but the rules that some people come up with make me go, screw it. I know half a dozen sites off the top of my head that I can download the same stuff from, so I don't your links. I can make my own. So there XP

Think you're all that and a bag of chips, huh...

...I need new icons.
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I can't find Heatguy J to download. The torrent I found hates me. I'm depressed. Kill me now.
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So I finally got around to scanning the pics from car accident back in May onto my parents computer, then I brought them back to school to upload on Facebook and LJ. They're in my scrapbook under 'Cars' if anyone wants to see. There's also a pic of me in 'My Pics', but it's not really a good picture, 'cause my mom took it while I was sleep, so you really can't see my face (not that that's a bad thing XD).

Maybe I'll get around to posting more pics... but I'm not photogenic, or a picture person, so who knows.
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Is it a bad thing to dance after putting off a 3 page speech for a week, but then getting it typed out in 3 hours with only the preliminary research done? I seem to do better when my deadline is coming right up, as opposed to doing something ahead of time, and having a bunch of time left over. I wonder if it's a generational thing?


Oct. 30th, 2006 04:00 am
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I'm feeling depressed. I can't really seem to go to sleep at night, and I have a test in a little more than 4 and a half hours. It's 4 am... I'm crazy.

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It's a massive undertaking... but I don't really have anything else to do. The only thing I'm looking forward to is East Meets South and the end of the semester. And find some new icons.


Oct. 23rd, 2006 03:44 am
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So I randomly typed my name in to Yahoo search, and came across my profile... scrolled down and found this girl using my nick on xanga. THAT IS NOT ME, just for the record. She sounds like an emo-type, and it's scary that she has the same name as me and a FEW of the same interests. I ain't crazy like her, and my interests do NOT include burning, cutting, or the dark arts.

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I woke up to something not so nice today... I wake up at 2 in the afternoon, and go to my fridge to get something to drink, and lo and behold, there's a shitload of ants on my stuff. So I had to lay the smackdown on the little fuckers, and blew their asses away with some ant spray. Then I went to Wal-Mart, brought a vacuum, came back, killed some more of the little buggers, made some bleach water, killed me some more little bitches, and swept and mopped my whole GD room. I dare 'em to show up again. I got something for 'em.
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I'm getting a pretty decent collection of both Anime/J-pop and American songs, partially thanks to [ profile] svz_insanity and a couple of independent sites, along with my RL friends... I'm wondering if I should follow in Stacey's footsteps and upload songs for my friends. Or take requests, or do one of those meme things where you give me a number and a catagory, and I give you whatever song that is.



Oct. 18th, 2006 02:15 pm
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Yup. I'm hot today. I missed class, and went back to sleep. Woke up, made me a cappacino, and took my Political Science test online. 100 baby. And this is me only partially studying... and not even finding the stuff in the book. I do believe I'm gonna pass with all As again this semester.

Now I just have to start on my explication paper due next Wednesday on one of Spencer's Amorettis, turn that sucker in, and I will be good.

I think the caffeine's gettin to me XD
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I'm so gonna fail this semester. Between the sleeping during the day, and not studying at night, I'm so gonna fail. I'm just not motivated... I mean come on! I don't wanna read poems all freaking semester. I hate them... and that's all we are freaking reading. Chaucer, Spencer, Milton... the list goes on. And it's not like it's easy to interpret either.


Oct. 14th, 2006 06:36 am
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So, I finally got my car back today... and it was going all good, but right before I came to work, I noticed that my brake lights weren't going out. It's nearly midnite, but I had to call Mom and Dad and ask them what to do. I disconnected the battery, and I'll reconnect it in the morning. I'm hoping it (the computer) will reset while it's sitting out there, but I won't know until I go to hook it back up.

...I think this car freaking hates me.


Oct. 9th, 2006 05:23 pm
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So I dled the game last night off one of my anime dl sites... it's interesting.

I've died. I'm still figuring out my controls, and I'm gonna have to write down my commands, but it is interesting. I'm in the Mako Reactor against the guard scorpion, but I'm gonna have to go back and see if I can't find more stuff. Because I suck at this game so far. XD

I'm doing FFVII: Advent Children for my movie review. Gotta watch it tomarrow!

IE 7

Oct. 7th, 2006 12:11 am
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So... it sucks. It kinda looks like Firefox... and I hate Firefox, so I don't use it. Should I go back and dl IE 6.0 ... I haven't decided yet. And I hate the way it's set up, 'cause I don't like my addy bar being at the very top, and my toolbars don't look seperate... ARGH.


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