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50+ chapters into Hoshi wa Utau and I still am pretty clueless about what's going on. I think part of it is that I keep comparing it to Fruits Basket, and part of it is that in a way I don't find the plot all that interesting, but I'm loyal to Takaya. I keep reading even though as soon as I start a chapter, I glance through the pages so that I can hurry to the end and feel relief that the last page has been clicked on.

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Feb. 4th, 2007 01:22 am
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1. I'm going to try to read Death Note again. I've been following 2 of the characters on BNF, and they sound pretty interesting, so I'll try not to get irritated, and download the volumes, rather than read them online.

2. I've also been putting off looking for Kazuya Minekura's Wild Adapter manga, but I saw it in Newtype this month, so I'm looking for that.

3. I finally finished the Loveless anime, so I'm going to hunt down the manga and compare them. Maybe I'll be able to understand what's going on, too.

4. GetBackers is ♥ and one day, when I have money, I will finish my collection... 'cause volumes 1-8, and 16 just ain't cutting it in the Ginji, Ban, Himiko, and Akabane ♥ department. I may finish watching the anime this month.
And in RL: I HATE Shakespeare. Just in case no one knew that. I DON'T want to read Richard the II or Henry the IV, or any of his other boring and ridiculous plays. I hate Major requirements. I also hate writing papers.

I'm also getting ready to do my very own income taxes... and maybe nothing will happen this year *car wreck*, and I'll actually get that money. I'm praying really hard, because I need the money.


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