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Finals )

Just got finished with the Prince of Tennis movie. My reaction to Ryoga v. Ryoma was patent disbelief. I'm glad that I finished the series before watching this though. Now I just need to watch the National Championship.

And I so wanna see the Bleach movie, or whatever those previews were in the OP and ED of Bleach 106. It looked awesome. I just can't seem to find it unfortunately. Anyone know if there's a torrent/link for it?

...And I finished the Ikki Tousen series. I'm kinda hoping for a second season, and I definitely need to complete my manga collection. And do some reading on the Three Kingdoms era. It sounds really interesting.
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So I'm through the Senbatsu episodes, and have just finished th one where Ryoma is told the rest of the announcement.

This is all mixed up, as I'm just writing stuff as it comes to my head:
Random Fangirling Ahead about various episodes )

I can't wait 'til I go home and take pics of all the stuff I brought from the convention. It's all so adorable! My FFVII pillow, Bleach pillow, my Gundam Wing and Tsubasa posters, my Tsubasa and GetBackers playing cards, and all my Prince of Tennis merchandise. I LOVE HAVING MONEY. Especially to spend on anime stuff.

And Boo~, finals start tomorrow. Another week and a half, and I will be essentially disappearing until after the first, because I'm going back home and having to deal with dial-up.
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I'm finally downloading and watching Prince of Tennis now that someone has converted and posted the episodes in RealPlayer format. I started with 13 the day before yesterday, and am now currently watching 54.

*IMO, Ryoma isn't as snarky/arrogant/brattish as he's made out to be in the manga and in fanfics. He's totally glompable either way, but I like the way he's portrayed in the anime.

*Just saw Sanada... he looked better in the manga, sorry.

*The anime has a lot of funny moments, or maybe not so funny but still amusing to me. Maybe I'm a sadist like Fuji lol.

*I fell in love with Thrill Pair all over again. OMG that was a great match.

Me and Dom are heading to East Meets South in the morning. Hoping to grab a couple of plushies, some wall scrolls, maybe a messenger bag. I'm also hoping for the chance to play the PS3, but if not, there's always next year. Yeah for the end of the semester! I only have 2 tests to worry about, French and English Lit, because my Political Science test is online, open-book, and multiple choice! YAH-HOI~


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