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I am so angry I want to hit. I am trembling, that is how mad I am. I have got to get this off my chest before I really say or do something I regret.

First, I want to remind people that:
1. I work third-shift.
2. I am a very private person, and assume all college students to have a level of courtesy and intelligence somewhere close to mine, be it less, greater, or the same. (I know, wishful thinking, but I try to think positive about everyone, at least until he or she proves me wrong)

I was woken up while sleeping. Normally this is not such a big deal, because this has happened occasionally, but if a person knocks on the door, and makes a mistake, the least they can do is apologize. No one did.

I also don't appreciate people standing outside my door making speculations just because I happen to be sleeping. Does it make a person have a 'Problem' if she is asleep during the day? Not that it's any business of anyone else what time I sleep or don't. So if a person is  going to  talk, the least she can do is get out of my hearing range. I am not deaf just because my door is closed.

She can look bug-eyed all she wants; don't think just 'cause it's little ol' me, and there are 5 of you that I'm not going to say what's on my mind. I did, and they can talk amongst themselves, but that's that, and this is life. Deal with it.

And yeah, I did go complain to the RA. Because there are numbers above the doors for a reason, and it's so that a person can make sure that she knocks on the right door. And I don't appreciate people who don't even know me making comments about me. It wouldn't matter if I didn't hear them, but don't stand right outside my door and make comments. I WILL speak up for myself.


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